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A Very 2020 Winter Season

October 02, 2020 | by Hannah Leone

Ahoy, friends! Summer seems to have transitioned to fall like flipping a switch. First and foremost, THANK YOU for helping us adapt to our window-service so seamlessly. Your support and cooperation has meant everything to us. Truly—thank you for allowing us to stay open during this weird, unpredictable time. Additionally, we SO SO SO appreciate any mask-wearing and attempts at social distancing. The effort to keep our staff and customers safe helps our business (and our souls!) immensely. 

Furthermore, a huuuuge thank you to all the local producers who have allowed us to continue to crank out the tastiest creams! Throughout the summer, we’ve still been able to offer some of our favorite scoops featuring the most fantastic produce, best cheese, sweetest honey, grooviest beer, and tastiest coffee! Guys, this pandemic is rough, and our local businesses have been kicking some serious buttocks to help us all get through it.  

Now, down to brass tacks! There have been lots of inquiries as to when we will again be opening our doors for inside service. To put it bluntly, we won’t be until the state of things improves—like, really improves. Our indoor space is fairly teeny as it is, and we’d prefer not to police our customers at the door (especially through the colder months!).  So, for now, we’ll be continuing our window service throughout the winter season! Starting Friday, October 2nd, our hours will be Friday-Sunday from noon ‘til 9pm. Fear not! We'll still be cranking out your favorite fall/winter/holiday flavors as the months roll along! Get ready for those batches of Butterbeer and Pumpkin Pie and Nutcracker comin' atcha. Aaaand, of course, as soon as things are looking up and circumstances change, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops and jumping up and down and throwing confetti sprinkles. So, stay tuned for THAT.