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IYKYK. Eight Ever-Changing Flavors.

October 16, 2021 | by Hannah Leone

With our seventh(!!!) birthday coming up around the corner, we thought it might be fun to do a deep dive on a Leones' Creamery constant since day one-- our flavor board! Since opening our doors, the shop has always had a constant rotation of eight different ice creams, one of which is always vegan (shoutout to our dairy-free, egg-free, animal-free, veggie lovin', coconut fiend friends!). Why settle on the number 8? While building out the creamery, we found the perfect old window for our flavor board...and it had eight panes. Cue some chalkboard paint, and voilà! Since then, however, we've realized it truly is the perfect number for ice cream choices. In fact, we love the idea of eight ever-changing flavors so much, it even inspired our newest tee-shirt design.

We do have a couple hard and fast rules-- it's true. We always, always have either Sweet Cream or Vanilla Bean on, a vegan option, at least one type of chocolate, and at least one type of fruit. The rest we fill in with a good mix of the classic and more "out there" flavors. This makes it fun for us (we get to experiment and make loads of different concotions!) and for you (a constantly changing new favorite flavor!). Plus, switching things up keeps your tastebuds in tip-top shape! Aaaand, not to mention, it allows us to keep track of what you guys want. There have been a few ice creams we churned up that only graced the flavor board a time or two (RIP Dates with Almond Butter Swirl).

Time and time again, customers unfamiliar with our shop will mosey in, stare up at the chalkboard, and exclaim, "Are these your only flavors?" Every day our staff gets to fill customers in on the premise of our shop. They get to do it a lot. However, it never fails that those same customers are the ones that have the hardest time choosing what to stuff their cones with in the end! Especially with the added bonus of those nifty little samples 😉

Up until the launch of our new website in 2018, the most common phone call we'd get were people inquiring about our current scoopable flavors. Luckily (for you and us, alike) that's now at your fingertips! You can always check out what we're scooping real-time at So, swing by and try something new! You may be surprised at what'll be your next favorite scoop.