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Leones’ Creamery Flavor Board at your Fingertips?? HECK YEAH!

September 19, 2018 | by Hannah Leone

Hey there, friends! We just learned about something sUpEr DuPeR cOoL. Perhaps we’ve been living under a rock, or maybe our heads have just been stuck in the freezer for too long, but we have new-to-us news! You have the ability to keep our cold and creamy, uber-sexy, fantastically fun flavor board saved to your smartphone! With one simple button, you can save the icon to your phone’s (or tablet’s) homescreen, and always have our real-time flavors at your fingertips! WAHOOOOO!

Here’s how to get fresh and fly with us:

  1. Open up your search engine, and load Next, navigate to our Flavors Page by using the menu key on the right
  2. iPhones: At the bottom of the screen you'll see the “share” button (an icon depicting an arrow that looks like it's trying to get away from a square). Tap it. Go ahead, DO IT. Androids: Hit your “menu” button (this will look differently/be in different locations on different phones). Go ahead, TAP IT!
  3. If you managed to tippity-tap that button successfully, you'll have a few options. The one you want to choose is “Add to Home Screen”. So…go ahead, DO IT.
  4. Next, you may be asked to choose a name for the homescreen icon. So, you know, pick a doggone good one and save it. When you're done, it will show up on your homescreen (with our nifty logo, YAAAY).
  5. Relish in the fact that our delicious flavor board is always at your fingertips, and you'll never have to type in that stupid URL ever again.

If you have any questions, our extremely knowledgeable (i.e. young and hip) staff will be more than happy to help you navigate any choppy technological waters next time you’re at the shop. Ta-ta for now, and get tapping!