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Lunar New Year, Dragon-Style

January 28, 2024 | by Hannah Leone

Lunar New Year flavors are heeeere! Once again, we've made two brand new ice creams to celebrate this time of year-- we really do love having the opportunity to flex our ice cream muscles each January/February. Also, it's the year of the DRAGON, which of course, is very exciting (we're admittedly quite nervous for the year of the goat to roll around). To pay tribute to such a year, we've made two tasty exclusive flavors (and once they're gone, they're...gone).

First up, we have our Dragon's Matcha! This scoop is one heckuva celebratory knockout. We start with our sweet, creamy matcha ice cream, and swirl in some subtly fiery hot honey. To make this, we used our favorite Sunrise Hives honey, and spiced it up with cinnamon, cayenne, and ginger. Perfectly balanced and warming, it's a great treat for these cool winter months.

Our second Lunar New Year ice cream is Chinese Walnut Cookie! For this flavor, we started by baking up plenty of batches of a Chinese walnut cookie called hup-toh-soh. These cookies are traditionally served to visitors during Chinese New Year celebrations! After cooling and crumbling, we added them to a delicious lemon and cardamom ice cream. Pssst... want the cookie recipe? Here's a good one.

Did we mention that these two flavors are exceptionally tasty when paired together?? Make sure to stop in before they're gone!

Just for funsies, here's our past Lunar New Year flavors rundown:

  • Year of the Pig (2019)- Mud Pie and Coconut Sticky Rice Cake
  • Year of the Rat (2020)- Peanut Butter Cheesy Cracker and Vegan Coconut with Mango Swirl
  • Year of the Ox (2021)- Ox Tracks and Almond Cookie with Tangerine Swirl
  • Year of the Tiger (2022)- Tiger Stripes and Vegan Matcha with Chocolate Speckle
  • Year of the Rabbit (2023)- Carrot Cake and Tea and Tao Su