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Numbers, Baby—a 2021 Rundown

January 19, 2022 | by Hannah Leone

We know, we know, we're a few weeks late to the new year party, BUT we've got fun number-y data for your big-ol'-brainy noggins. We're back with our yearly recap! 2019 was mighty fine, and we somehow missed doing a rundown for 2020 (because, oi UGH oofta, amiright?), so without further ado...here's our fast facts for 2021!

*these numbers do not factor in special/satellite events or wholesale*

Crispy, crunchy waffle cones devoured (the OG kind): 17,455

Chocolate-dipped waffle cones munched (nom): 10,458

Number of different flavors scooped: 120 (!!)

Bags of granola bought: 279 (Birdseed narrowly wins the popularity contest!)

Articles of snazzy LC swag purchased: 480 (you guys look GOOD)

Days open inside the shop (RIP walk-up window, you served us well): 164

Tuesdays open for business: 0 (old habits die hard)

Craziest-busiest-scoopyourheartout month: July! (as always)

Staff faves: Tarragon Olive Oil, Frosted Sugar Cookie, Stinging Honeycomb, and aaaanything coffee.

CHEERS TO 2022! As always, none of this crazy-weird-beautifully delicious year would have happened if it weren't for you! We can't thank you enough for riding out this whole pandemic wave with bellies full of ice cream with us. What's hip and happening for 2022? A heckuva lot of ice cream, an online store (woohoo!), some exciting growth, and pushing through whatever curveballs get thrown at us. It's a wild world out there, folks. Stay safe (and enjoy your scoops, of course).