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Seed Swap 2021

March 11, 2021 | by Hannah Leone

It's that time of year....the annual Spearfish Seed Swap!!! What's that you say? The Seed Swap is a fantastical community celebration of seeds and gardening! To keep things as safe as possible during this global pandemic, the swap is taking place via the little local libraries around town throughout the month of March (psst...there's a little local library right in front of Leones' Creamery!). Each year we get so dang excited for you to try our newest seedy flavor, and this go-around is no acception. SOOO, without further ado, we'd like to once again reveal the newest addition to the very official Spearfish Seed Swap Ice Cream Catalogue.

Lemon Cardamom with Fennel Candies!!!

Fun fact time! Our very favorite farmer queen, Trish Jenkins, of Cycle Farm came up with this brilliant little ditty in that beautiful brain of hers. So HECK YES it's amazing, and HECK YES we can't stop taste-testing. 10/10. Big time winner, folks. Mega creamy ice cream with hints of lemon and cardamom, and perfect little crunchy fennel candies whirl together to make one delectable concoction. It's unexpectedly addictive, and we're here for it.

Also, did you count? High fives, because that's not one, but TWO seeds we're featuring-- fennel and cardamom! And I mean, lemons have seeds, but we won't dive too deep here. Make sure to stop by this weekend to try a scoop!