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Waffle Cones: A Love Story

July 17, 2021 | by Hannah Leone

The first half of Summer 2021 went off like a the best possible way. After a lengthy hiatus (432 days to be exact), our walk-up serving window is no longer, and the Creamery doors flew back open in early June! WE’RE SO DANG EXCITED! A gargantuan thank you for all the support you’ve smothered us so lovingly with during the past 16 months. Holy heck-- you guys are awesome.

Now, down to brass tacks. Delicious, delicious brass tacks. Since our opening in 2014, we’ve been known for our handmade, house-recipe waffle cones (which just so happen to be gluten-free since day one!). We’re pretty dang proud of these puppies, and are so pleased that you guys love them just as much! SO. Let’s dive in.

On an average summer day, we can go through about 250 of our gluten-free waffle cones (that’s a mix of traditional and chocolate-dipped). These crispy confections are a real labor of love. We make multiple batches of our batter nearly every day in the summer. It's a big ol’ task!

The process of coming up with our final (and unique to LC!) waffle recipe definitely took us a while. We won't divulge all our secrets, BUT...the ingredients are top notch-- eggs, butter, pure maple syrup, a few winks and socially distanced blown kisses-- it's the good stuff. We also use a special blend of gluten-free flours to give us that perfect crispy cone. It all goes in to our trusty 20 qt Hobart mixer, and BOOM-- liquid gold. 

Rolling cones is no joke, either. Our first attempts were nothing short of deplorable (think sad, wonky cylinders more than anything resembling the classic ice cream vessel). It looks so easy, but it can take a while to get that roll down! It's one of our major training focuses with new employees, but once they get it, it's like riding a bike. Which is a good thing, because we make a whooolelotta these puppies.  

And just because we get asked on the daily, yes, we know it's hard to believe, but they really are gluten-free. But, we just like to think of it as an inclusive perk to the best dang waffle cone you'll ever eat 😉